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High Pressure Vertical Steam Sterilizer (GS-703075)


* Chamber, Lid and outer cover constructed from Stainless Steel 18/10 Grade.
* Lid closing by means of Wing Nuts.
* Sealing of Lid with Chamber by Neoprene / GIlicon Rubber Gasket.
* Chamber Insulated by Mineral/ Glass Wool.
* Over Pressure Safety by means of Pressure Switch and Safety Valve.
* Continuous monitoring of Pressure and Temperature.
* Water Level Indicator with Automatic Cut off as Safety Device in case of Low Water.
* Sterilizing Temperature: 121°C /134°C.
* Tested upto 2.5 times of required pressure.
* Voltage. 220 V AlC. (50Hz).

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High Pressure Vertical Steam Sterilizer (GS-703575)


* Sterilizer body covered with Stainless Steel sheet for aesthetics and convenience
* All Components are mounted with in the frame work
* Digital Time & Temperature controller
* Sterilizing Timer starts count when required Temperature reaches the preset and after end of the hole time the Indication of Visual and Audible GIgnals at end of the Cycle
* Choice of Selection of rapid or natural Cooling or Drying

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